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CopyCat Yoga

The instructional yoga mat
that shows you where to put your hands and feet

About The Mat


Years to Develop

I started tracing cutouts of my hands, feet and pose images.

Then, hand-drew the design on an oversized paper.

Next, I drew the design with paint markers and tested the mat.

This was until I thought of a better layout, and repeated the process for years.


Trust, Patience, Desire, Kind People & Gratitude

Finally, I knew in my heart it was ready.

My desire to share yoga with the world drove me to learn how to run a business, and continues to drive me today. 

This, along with all the kind people who have helped me.

List of people

Start a ”Yoga Practice”, not ”Yoga Perfected”

I would like people to think of the mat as a book. 

I would never expect for your yoga to look exactly like the yoga model in the book. 

I made the yoga mat for people to start a ”Yoga Practice”, not ”Yoga Perfected”.

Yoga can be done on your own terms


Elementary School Speech Therapist

My husband is one of my most challenging and important students. 

With the mat, he was able to understand the poses without needing my instructions. 

It allowed him to improve at his own pace without me verbally correcting and critiquing him. 


Our 9-Minute Practice

My husband and I started doing the poses on the mat every day, holding each pose for 30 seconds, for a total of 9 minutes.  

To entice him, we would watch sports or listen to music. 

I know, not very zenful, but better than no yoga! 

Yoga can be done on your own terms.  


Less Stress & Weight

After a few months, he chose to stop watching sports, and just listened to music during our practice. 

We do our best to remain silent during our practice.

Years later, we are still practicing yoga, and my husband has lost over 40 Lbs.

9 Minutes A Day = 1 Hour A Week


9 Minutes 9 Poses

I hope people can find 9 minutes in their day to stretch and strengthen their bodies. 

I chose 9 common standing poses.

Some take a lot of strength and balance, but you can modify every pose.


Your Yoga Practice

Feel free to do our practice, make your own practice, or take the mat to class. 

Listen to your body first, and never do anything that causes you pain.


Religious or Spiritual?

I believe people can practice yoga regardless of their beliefs. 

For me, yoga is simply about love.

Loving yourself, others, and the earth.

yoga poses that stretch and strengthen (two-minute video)



A mat for all shapes, sizes, and levels

Your top foot never changes angles, which is why it's simple to adjust for your height/flexibility by stepping above or below the top foot placement.


Use the mat as a guide, but adjust yourself for your body

Your hands and feet do NOT need to go exactly on top of the placements.


The mat is a guide

The mat is a guide with pictures, plus hand and foot placements, so you know which poses have narrower or wider stances, the different angles for your feet and if you use your right or left hand.

A mat for all shapes, sizes, and levels (two-minute video)